Whether it’s a new construction roof or a roof replacement, selecting your new roof is not as easy as picking out which hat to put on for the day. Roofs account for huge chunks of building construction costs because they play a major role in protecting structures and their inhabitants. The rest of your home may be made of the best-quality materials, but having a substandard roof will most probably put them all to waste. A good roof helps ensure keep your home whole and healthy.

Residential or Commercial
First, understand that not all roofers are the same. It is best to work with a commercial roof contractor for an industrial building and a residential roof contractor for your home. Residential and commercial roofs require different skills in handling and installation. Each job also demands a different set of equipment. Check your roofer’s portfolio for proof of what they can deliver.

Your roofing company should be able to offer warranties on their work. They will never stand by something in which they don’t specialize. So, if they don’t offer warranties, you should find another contractor. Both the materials you use and the installation itself should always come with reasonable guarantees in durability and workmanship.

Wood, Asphalt or Metal
There are many points to consider when picking out which material to choose for your roof. If your property’s location requires the use of only natural materials, you’ll have to stick with wood shingles. Wood is great, but if you need something that is easier to maintain or replace, asphalt shingles are the popular choice. Metal roofing, while requiring higher upfront costs to install, has gained a good reputation for its durability and in contributing to energy efficiency.

Whichever material you choose, remember that a roofer that does a good job in installing wood shingles may not necessarily be good at installing metal roofs. Again, you need to choose whom you should work with based on their experience.

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