You may know about shingles and gutters, but the roof decking is another critical component of your entire roofing system. This hidden element acts as a plywood base where asphalt shingles are commonly attached by a veteran roofer. Also called roof sheathing, the decking is the key foundation for the underlayments and roof coverings and connects the roof to the building frame. In this post, we’ll discuss everything you need to know about roof decking.

The Role of Roof Decking

The roof decking serves multiple purposes for your roof and home, including the following:

  • The roof decking is a direct support for the shingles – Since shingles are quite heavier than expected (weighing at up to 2.5lbs per piece), and with the addition of underlay material, the roof decking can provide better weight distribution and sturdier support for the system.

  • The roof decking adds protection against fire – Although wood-base materials won’t hinder the spread of fire, the roof decking is often sprayed with flame retardants by your trusted roofing company as an extra barrier against unexpected combustion and burning.

  • The roof decking helps resist weather issues – The possibility of large trees falling on your roof is heightened during severe weather conditions. With the decking, the added weight can be distributed more effectively through the roof, avoiding bigger structural issues.

Plywood Decking and Moisture Problems

Moisture is something you don’t want to reach the roof decking. Heavy moisture, particularly in the attic, can cause your plywood base to become moist, making it a breeding ground for mold and mildew as temperatures continue to rise. When the underside of your roof deck is soaked, it can also cause the wood to rot. Rotted wood readily absorbs moisture, leading to more water leaks and even imminent failure of the roof. If this happens, you will have no choice but to call for a local roofing replacement appointment.

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