1-800-RITE-Roof. is a Certified Residential Roofing Company serving Milwaukee roofs and the Waukesha roofs. We have many accolades from manufacturer’s and third party organizations. With a location in Milwaukee, Wisconsin for over 16 years and a combined experience of over 100 years, residents in the Milwaukee area know Kappl Roofing is the roofing company of choice for all your roofing repairs and new roofing needs.

Residential Roof, Milwaukee WI
Re-roofing, Tear-off of old shingles

Waukesha Re-Roofing, Tear Offs
95% of our roofing projects are tear-off vs. roofing over the existing shingles. Tearing off the old material and installing over a clean deck assures the homeowner that all underlayments and accessories are covered with the Life-time Warranty. This roof in Milwaukee involved four layers of tear-off, new OSB decking and a new GAF Asphalt Roofing system

Roof Repairs
Waukesha Roof Repairs, Roofing Contractors Waukesha

Roofing Repairs
Not every roof needs replacement. Sometimes a reliable roof repair is appropriate. Repairs include skylights, chimney flashing, replacement of missing shingles, caulking, gutter and downspout repair and much much more! This roof in Muskego needed several shingles repaired/replaced and new Velux Skylights. We have done similar replacements all over the Milwaukee area. Let us help you too!

Roof Maintenance
Waukesha Roof Maintenance

Did you know you can sometimes prolong the life of your roofing system with some simple maintenance! That’s right, just like your car, a little yearly maintenance can save you thousands of dollars in the long run. Maintenance can include gutter cleaning, minor caulking, inspection of flashings and areas where roof valleys come together. This Town of Brookfield roof needed a Chimney Flashing to finish yearly maintenance.
Roof Ventilation

Waukehsa Roof Ventilation
Did you know your roof is NOT under warranty if the home’s ventilation is inadequate? That’s correct, shingle manufacturer’s fine print clearly rejects all claims against roofs that are not properly ventilated. Make sure you have a ventilation checked and have the appropriate amounts added if needed. This Menomonee Falls, WI roof needed a few square vents to achieve proper exhause ventilation. A GAF Cobra Snow Country Ridge Vent can also be used.
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