LP® understands that the exterior trim and siding need to be sturdy and well-designed since these parts of your home are often subjected to extreme temperatures, moisture and insects. That said, all LP SmartSide® products are made with the exclusive SmartGuard® process, which involves treating the core of LP SmartSide products with an advanced formula of waxes, binders and zinc borate before they are bonded with a water- and resin-resistant overlay.

Today, we talk about the four components that enable SmartGuard to provide adequate protection for LP SmartSide products.


These are special water-resistant waxes that coat each strand or fiber of wood. Their purpose is to enhance the durability of the material in rainy and humid environments.

Zinc Borates

This enables the product to effectively resist damage from termites and fungal decay. It provides long-lasting performance, which enables LP SmartSide trim and siding to preserve their beauty for years. Zinc borate is also a naturally occurring additive that’s safe for children and pets.

Advanced Binders

Your LP SmartSide trim and siding are strong and impact-resistant because of these industrial-grade binders and resins. These can give you peace of mind knowing that your siding will be able to stand up to everyday debris and other elements.

Resin-Saturated Overlay

This is the final layer of protection against the elements. It enables your LP SmartSide trim and siding to resist moisture infiltration while providing a durable base for excellent paint adhesion.

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