Single-ply roofing is tough, making it great for commercial roofing applications. However, like any other type of roofing, it is not invincible, eventually succumbing to wear and tear due to exposure to the elements. But like any other type of roofing, it can last longer with routine care. How do you exactly care for a single-ply roof? You can start by getting a good grasp of the common problems it faces, including the following:

  • Attachment Failure – Single-ply roofs can be attached using various means, such as the use of screws and plates. However, they are not fully effective when not utilized right and can fail as single-ply roofing systems are subjected to harsh weather conditions, especially high winds that can tear off portions of the membrane.

  • Seam Failure – Single-ply roofing will shrink, lose elasticity and become brittle over time. This results in stress across membrane seams, leading to failure. Seams can also fail when improper installation techniques are used, highlighting the importance of working with an experienced roofer.

  • Blisters – As localized adhesion loss in a roofing membrane, blisters are commonly the result of moisture getting trapped underneath the roofing surface. Small blisters are not reasons to worry, but they should be monitored to see if they’ll worsen. Larger or expanding blisters point to more moisture pooling underneath, causing further damage.

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