You don’t want to buy a new roof when your existing one is just halfway through its expected life span. However, you might have to when it begins to look older than its actual age or not perform as expected. To keep it serviceable as long as possible and delay the need for a costly replacement project, 1-800-RITE-ROOF shares some tips:

Install Gutter Protection
Good gutter health is key to roof longevity. After all, the overflow caused by clogged gutters and downspouts can back up onto your roof and wreak havoc with your shingles. Cleaning your gutter system is a necessary precaution to prevent blockages from forming, but it’s also a dangerous and taxing job. Any experienced roofing contractor would recommend investing in gutter protection instead.

Installing high-quality gutter covers, like Gutter Roof or Raindrop®, can filter out fallen debris while handling rain and snowmelt at the same time. Any kind of protection might not render your gutter system maintenance-free, but it nevertheless reduces the time spent on upkeep.

Get Rid of Leaves
Most roofs use gravity to rid themselves of debris. Sometimes, though, piles of leaves might collect in valleys of complicated roof designs, especially when they’re surrounding by tall trees. If you don’t remove this buildup, the leaves and debris will eventually decay and allow moisture levels to rise, increasing the need for roof repair jobs.

Eliminate Overhanging Branches
Roofing shingles and metal panels can lose their protective granules and coatings, respectively, with abrasion. Tree limbs can bruise roofing materials with strong winds or serve as a bridge for wildlife that might gnaw on your roof.

Combat Ice Damming
Ice dam formation is always bad news, but the good news is that it’s preventable. It only happens when the plane of your roof is warmer than its edges, melting the snow only to refreeze it along the gutters. The culprit behind ice damming is an unhealthy interplay between attic ventilation and insulation, which can be fixed.

Routinely Schedule Professional Inspections
Adopting a proactive approach to roof maintenance is paramount. Rather than reacting to leaks, hiring professionals to do inspections allows you to head off major problems and fix minor issues in their infancy.

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