Many homeowners make the mistake only doing repairs when their roof is obviously damaged. Serious structural problems like leaks, large cracks or broken shingles are typically the cause. However, it’s better to do roof maintenance now. Here’s why you shouldn’t delay this, especially this fall.

Reducing Damage Risk
The biggest mistake with reactive maintenance is the wait. You risk letting your roof deteriorate, making the damage worse. It may start as a small crack or leak, but it will grow into a larger problem. In fact, you could be causing more damage by delaying. You also increase the expenses you will need to pay, turning a simple repair job into a full replacement. By fixing it now, you can stop these issues. You also save money and keep your roof in peak condition.

Fall is the safest time for roof repair, compared to other seasons. The decent climate makes it easier for your contractor to work. They won’t be at risk of suffering from snow, rain or strong winds. You also avoid heat damage since the temperature is typically more agreeable. This means your seals won’t dry too quickly, and the weatherstripping won’t crack.

Protecting Your Health
By fixing your roof now, you keep yourself and your family safe. Specifically, you reduce the health risks or hazards. For example, a leak gives fungi or mold the chance to grow. These problems can cause poor air quality, making your family sick. By fixing the leak now, you can keep your family healthy.

Preparation for Winter
Lastly, winter will be hard on your roof. Any potential leaks or cracks will get worse, and you’ll end up spending more for heating. By having the roofing contractor fix these issues now, you avoid any harm from the snow.

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