Traditional patio doors often come in the form of French doors while modern patio doors are typically designed as sliding doors. Both of these patio door styles have particular benefits. However, your choice would naturally depend on your preferences as well as other basic considerations like the available space and architectural style of your home.

Traditional Patio Doors

With the traditional patio door style, French doors (or hinged patio doors) are quite popular because of their classic look. These doors are designed to open and close from the hinges in a swinging manner, much like how standard doors open. French doors are also typically opened from the center, with one or two doors that can be opened at the same time. This results in a wider opening, allowing you to move large furniture pieces through the door. In terms of energy efficiency, French doors can be customized to fit your requirements.

Modern Patio Doors

There are also modern design options for patio doors. A sliding patio door, for instance, is a good choice if you want to match your door with the modern architectural style of your home. It is also ideal for homes with limited space since this door can be opened by sliding one panel over the other or by sliding out from the center over fixed panels.

Sliding patio doors are also recommended for older adults or people with limited mobility due to their smoother operation. You can also install a screen door together with your sliding patio door. This way, you can enjoy the breeze from the outside without worrying about insects getting inside your home. Similar to French doors, sliding patio doors may also have energy-efficient features.

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